PeanutBubba & Fluff

The "just for your entertainment" tales of mommyhood


I am a mom to two incredible kids, one boy and one girl. That is my full-time job. I do work part-time as well but, first and foremost, I am a mom. I am not a perfect mom. I don’t believe anyone is a perfect mom. As a matter of fact, I do not think the perfect mom exists. However, I try. I am always striving to improve my mommy skills. But, I do think it takes a village. I do think we as moms are too hard on one another. Too judgmental. We need to support one another more often and build one another up, rather than tear one another down.

I invite you to read my posts and join me in laughing at the humor of being a mom. It is these funny stories that are something to cherish. They are precious and what make motherhood so magical. Feel free to laugh with me or at me. Your choice. Either way, just laugh. You’ve earned it! As for the choice of my blog name? I call my daughter, “Peanut”, I call my son, “Bubba”, and as for the “fluff”? Well, that represents the posts themselves: It is the filling. The main ingredient. The essence of the blog itself. So grab a glass of a wine, sit back, relax, read, and enjoy. Cheers!


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